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The Blue House Upstairs

By Sander Wassink

This room is the permanently temporary result of different stages of evolution, inspired by the ever-changing nature of the hotel. Several houses have been altered or reconstructed over the last  years, The Blue Room being one of them.

The room fits perfectly in the rest of Sander Wassink’s oeuvre and philosophy. One of our more prolific artist partners, Wassink always asks himself what new visions of beauty can be discovered. What can be done with that which already has been partially formed?

Adding floors, stairs, and a bridge to the existing room and choosing a prominent color has transformed the room and prepared it for further improvements. Wassink: “The blue evokes my imagination and allows me to imagine what else can be built or added in the future.” As long as renovations are painted in the same colour, the sky is the limit for the Blue House.

Room features

  • 2
  • King Size Bed
  • Private
  • 23m2
  • Free
  • Breakfast € 15,00

About the designer

Reconsidering our ideas of beauty and aesthetics is key in Sander’s work. What’s important, what truly matters? In these times of endless new production and industrial abundance, taking a moment to consider what we already have might become an essential part of life faster than we think. In that respect Sander is way ahead of his time. What value is left in the discarded, and what new ideas can we create with already partially formed objects?

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