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Secret Bookcase ‘M’

By Daan Brandenburg & Sander Dekker

What looks like a collection of antique books, is in fact merely the façade behind which we’ve hidden our most mysterious rooms. Once you’ve found the door, you can drop down on the luxury bed, and take a good look around. To relax (maybe read an actual book), you can take a seat in one of the Chesterfields in front of the cases, where we also serve breakfast. Like in the rest of Hotel Not Hotel, not all is what it seems here. Some mirrors or paintings conveniently double as a one-way window, so you can see when it’s safe to come out of your hiding place, but no one can look inside…

Room features

  • 2
  • One Double Bed
  • Shared Bathroom
  • 7m2
  • Free
  • Breakfast € 15,00

About the designer

Wood, mechanics, and the way these elements interact with people, that’s Daan Brandenburg’s work in a nutshell. Tables, stools, big rugged fans, vases, bowls… It’s all in the game at Brandenburg Industries. All objects seem to share a highly stylized, smooth look, and an honest, natural finish.

Inside the room, you’ll find ‘TenFifteen’. ‘TenFifteen’ is a collection consisting up to thousands of photos, all of them being ten by fifteen cm. They offer an astonishing impression of the life and work of Sander Dekker, since the pictures are taken from his collection of private photos and travel documentation. For every location, the photos are taken in a way it perfectly suits the situation. You’ll want to “zoom in” on a specific photo to get a closer look.

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