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Printed House

By Sander Wassink

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could simply print everything you want? Of course there’s a massive trend in 3D printing, where revolutionary developments are bringing us closer and closer to this scenario. Sometimes though, progress lies not in technological development, but rather in approaching things from a completely different angle. Why print in three dimensions when you can also reduce reality to two? This room consists of different aspects that are a conceptual translation of that fine line between reality, and the aspects of modern, often digital life. The façade, the sheets, the flowers: it’s scanned, printed and presented to you in 2D. Naturally, things as the bed, fresh towels, the key, and your breakfast will be provided in a more practical 3D format.

Room features

  • 2
  • One Double Bed
  • Shared Bathroom
  • 8m2
  • Free
  • Breakfast € 15,00

About the designer

Reconsidering our ideas of beauty and aesthetics is key in Sander’s work. What’s important, what truly matters? In these times of endless new production and industrial abundance, taking a moment to consider what we already have might become an essential part of life faster than we think. In that respect Sander is way ahead of his time. What value is left in the discarded, and what new ideas can we create with already partially formed objects?

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